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Click here for an important Scam Alert!

Scam Alert!

If an employee from Farmers’ Electric Cooperative (FEC) calls you on the phone, he or she will never ask you for passwords, user names, or Social Security numbers. So, if someone calls and claims to work for FEC and asks you for this information, you’ll have a pretty good idea that the person is a fraud. These scammers are trying to get your bank account and credit card numbers so they can rob you. Others are calling and stating that they are collecting past due amounts and want you to meet them, for instance, at the local dollar store or somewhere similar where they will accept cash payments. These are total scams and you should avoid calling them back or supplying them with any information whatsoever.

It’s not only FEC members that these scammers are going after; they are also fronting as Xcel Energy, PNM, and other regional cooperatives.

If you suspect a caller is pretending to be an FEC employee in an effort to defraud or scam you, hang up. Then call FEC at (800) 445-8541 and report what happened.

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